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CVLL Umpire Page

CVLL Chief Umpire:

Aaron Levy


Phone: 925-209-0904


UPDATE 3/12/18: There are no more umpire clinics for the 2018 Softball/Baseball season.

Registration for our District Umpire Training Clinics is now over.  As in the past, we are using the Eventbrite tools to register students.  

 A few key points -

1. Anyone who is planning to attend our clinics must pre-register.  This helps us manage the number of students and properly plan the clinic.  Registering early will help us get an idea if the clinic is popular or not!

 2. New this year is the inclusion of two waivers that the registering student must acknowledge - one is the standard Little League liability waiver, the other is the standard Model Release allowing us to photograph them in the clinic and use their image for Little League purposes, including on social media websites.  

3. This year we are asking the responsible adult parent or guardian to register their youth umpires.  We are doing this for two reasons - one, to make sure the parent knows the youth is signing up and making sure he/she attends, and two to ensure that the information is correct and that the Little League waivers are acknowledged.

 So, we had 4 clinics this past year: 

 1. Basic Field Mechanics - Saturday, February 10th, morning at Continental Little League

2. Basic Plate Mechanics - Saturday, February 10th, afternoon at Continental Little League

3. Junior Umpire Mechanics Clinic - Sunday, March 4th at Martinez

4. Big Diamond Basics Clinic - Sunday, March 25th at Caldecott Field in Oakland. 

Your students can find the clinics by clicking on the following links below:

Little league district 4 Umpire page:

D4 Umpire Facebook page:

Umpire Central:

CVLL Bylaws aka "Local Rules"

Little League Safety Regulations


Umpire resources:

Issiquah Little Leauge umpire resources:

Comprehensive Umpiring Website (Stockton Umpires):

Stump The Ump

An Umpire Clinic Manual from District 2
Umpire Clinic Manual

Adult Code of Conduct
Parent Code of Conduct Agreement

Local Rules (see "documents & forms" - RULES TAB)


Rules and Regulations Changes:
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