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2016 Hit-a-Thon
CVLL has raised over $29,611 from Hit a Thon (2015)

Mark your calendars for 2016 Hit-a-Thon
3/19/16 (Actual Time and Location: TBD)

Here's a Photo Gallery from the Hit a Thon (click here)


Hit-a-Thon Documents


The Hit-a-thon will take place in two stages this year.  The first stage is done by the coaches at practice.  Kids will hit for distance from a tee to determine the two longest ball hitters on the team.  Those two ball players will advance to the finals held on the field at the Hitathon day on May 16th. 

If your child wants to make the finals but isn’t in the top two long ball hitters on their team, they have a second way to make it to the finals.  The two top fundraisers (by May 16th) will also advance to the finals and get a chance to hit for distance in front of the crowd.  Champions from each division on May 16th will receive a prize. 

The cutoff on fundraising will be May 31st when the top 3 fundraisers in the league will receive Gift Cards for $250, $200 and $150 respectively!

*Players ask family and friends to pledge an amount for each foot the player hits (pledges can also be a fixed amount) 
*Each player will step up to the plate and get 3 hits off a tee. 
*The 3 longest hit out of their 3 hits will be their field score. 
*The distance will be recorded and the pledges will be calculated.  
*You may also give a "single" or "flat" donation

*Pledges are done through 99 Pledges this year.  Very easy.  Here is the link.  Each child has an individual link that will be emailed out to each parent so they can share on Facebook, etc.  Anyone can also go onto the main site and pledge any player.