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CVLL Baseball

CVLL ByLaws- General Rules

A. The “MUST PLAY RULE,” as established by the Board of Directors of 
Clayton Valley Little League, “Every player on a team, if eligible, shall 
participate for a minimum of nine (9) defensive outs, and must have at 
least one (1) at bat”. THE MUST PLAY RULE APPLIES TO EVERY 
1. This rule is not a guideline. It is an absolute. If for some 
unforeseen reason, a player does not get in the allotted amount of 
time, he/she will start the next game and play the amount of time 
that was missed in the previous game. This does not excuse the 
player from his/her playing time (nine (9) defensive outs and one 
(1) at bat) for the new game. Exceptions to the MUST PLAY 
RULE are exclusively as follows: 
a. A Manager is not obligated to the MUST PLAY RULE for a 
player who arrives after a game has started. 
b. A Manager may “bench” a player for legitimate reasons. A 
Manager is not obligated to the MUST PLAY RULE for a 
benched player. Legitimate reasons for benching a player 
may include: missing practice, poor behavior, violation of 
the league’s “Zero Tolerance Policy.” Prior to a player 
being removed from his/her playing time, the Manager 
must be absolutely sure that the player and his/her parents 
are aware of the reason for the suspension and the 
division Vice President must also be notified at least 24 
hours prior to the scheduled game time. At game time, the 
opposing Manager, Umpire-in-charge, and Official 
Scorekeeper shall be notified of the benched player’s 
c. If a game does not last 6 full innings because the home 
team is ahead after the top of the 6th inning, then the 
visiting Manager is not obligated to the MUST PLAY RULE 
with respect to the 3 outs attributable to the bottom of the 
6th inning. However, if a player did not come to bat for this 
reason then the player MUST have at least two (2) at bats 
in the next game. 
d. If a game does not last 6 full innings because of a time limit 
imposed by the league, then a Manager is not obligated to 
the MUST PLAY RULE with respect to the innings not 
played. For the next game, however, the Manager shall 
start those players that received the least amount of 
playing time in the previous game. In addition, if any 
players do not come to bat due to a time-limited game, 
then such players MUST have at least two (2) at bats in 
the next game. 
B. Clayton Valley Little League has not adopted Rule 4.10(e), the “Automatic 
Concession Rule.” Rather, after completion of four (4) innings (or three 
and one half (3 1/2) innings if the home team is leading), if one team is 
leading by ten (10) or more runs, then the game can be suspended at the 
discretion of the Manager of the team who is trailing. For the Juniors 
division, this rule applies after completion of five (5) innings (or four and 
one half (4 1/2) innings if the home team is leading). 
C. For the purpose of determining a “players age”, CVLL will use the dates 
and Age Chart established by Little League Baseball, Inc. 
D. Missed Games - Any game which is not played on the scheduled day and 
time will require a telephone notification to the division VP within 24 hours 
of the game’s start time by both managers. The involved managers will 
determine a day and time to play the game within 7 calendar days of the 
originally scheduled game. Failure to play the game within 7 days will 
result in the division VP assigning the next open date for the teams to 
play. Each team will show up in uniform for this game. A team failing to 
make the second scheduled date will be grounds for forfeit. Determination 
of forfeit will be made by the Board within two weeks of the last scheduled 
E. Pre- and Post-Game Team Responsibilities for all Divisions of Baseball 
and Softball. 
Home Team: 
- Pre-game field preparation (benches, lines, bases, etc.) 
- Official scorekeeper 
- Home plate umpire 
- 3 game balls 
Visiting Team: 
- Base umpire 
- Post-game cleanup: put away all equipment, bases, pitching 
mound, lock up, etc. 
- Post game policing of entire field for trash 
- Empty garbage cans at field played on. 
- Official Pitch Count or Innings Count record keeper (where 

Welcome to 2014!

Welcome to the 2014 Clayton Valley Little League Baseball home page.  For details on each division, please look at our local bylaws.


1.     Mini-Peanuts

(4 YO only introduction to baseball)

2.     T-Ball/Peanuts

(first or second year players 4 to 7 YO)

3.     Farm B

("Coach Pitch"; first or second year players 6 to 7 YO)

4.     Farm A

("Player & Coach Pitch"; usually second year players 7 to 8 YO)

5.     Minor B

(Start of "Player Pitch Only"; usually second year players 8 to 9 YO)

6.     Minor A

(Usually second year players 9 to 10 YO)

7.     Majors

(Usually second year players 11 to 12 YO)

8.     Juniors

(13 to 14 YO)

** Please understand these are only guidelines and not all players will fit into the divisions/age groups outlined below unless otherwise mandated by Little League rules. **