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CVLL Umpire Clinic (3/13 @ 3pm)

Clinic Details:

· Date: Sunday March 13th

· Time: 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM

· Location: CVCHS Softball Field. (Click Here for Location Details)

· Please Click Here to Register for the Clinic

District 4 Sponsored Umpire Clinics

**District 4 Umpire Mechanics Clinic - Sunday, March 6, 2016 (AM & PM Sections).  See Flyer below.

  • Morning Section - Field Mechanics (8am - 12:30pm).  Afternoon Section - Plate Mechanics (12:30 - 4pm).  YV Elem School (2217 Chalomar Rd, Concord, CA)
  • Will include cage sessions with pitching machines.
  • Training in on field umpire mechanics, including proper signals, base and plate mechanics, and positioning.

**District 4 Tournament Umpire Rules Clinic - Thursday, June 2, 2016

  • Orientation to TOC/International Tournament rules for umpires. 

**District 4 Tournament Umpire Mechanics Clinic - Sunday, June 5, 2016

  • Mechanics training  to prepare umpires for the post-season tournaments.
  • Will focus on working with new crew members and 3 and 4 man umpire crews.  


District 4 - Softball Rules Clinic (3/2 in Pleasant Hill)

See flyer below

Softball Rules Clinic offered by District 4.

Wednesday - March 2nd (7pm - 9pm)

UC Cooperative Extension

75 Santa Barbara Road, 2nd Floor Conf Room, PH, CA

Get Certified to be an Umpire!

District 4 Basic Umpire Mechanics Clinics

Registration Related Issues - visit the Facebook page where posts on how to register have been entered.

Additional District 4 Clinics & Resources
**These are designed for Volunteers, Managers, Coaches and Parents who want to learn the rules & how the game is played
Two and a half hour evening sessions designed to cover the key rules that umpires, managers, coaches and other volunteers need to know.  Clinics will include time to have your tough rule questions answered!

Basic Umpire Mechanics Clinic 
One day clinic designed for the beginning or experienced umpire who wants to learn basic umpire mechanics for the 60 foot diamond.  Clinic will cover basic positioning, how to make a call, and what signals and calls to use.  Clinic will cover both the plate umpire and the base umpire roles.  Instructors will be from the C4UA Training Staff and other Western Region umpire school instructors.  Preregistration of students will be required (more on this action to follow).

As we have shared with you already, these clinics are designed to help you prepare those umpires that will be working a significant number of games for your league, or those that you really want to get more involved.  The casual volunteer or the brand new youth umpire that may work only lower Minors and just a few games are not the target for these clinics - you may need to design your own in league training program as well.

Each clinic will be identical in content, but we have set locations in different areas of the District to allow your umpires to select the one that fits them the best.

Western Region Outreach Clinics - for umpires who want additional intensive instruction.
The Western Region offers mechanics clinics in several locations across Northern California.  These are taught by experienced Western Region instructors and offer your umpire the chance to meet volunteers from other Districts, learn from new instructors, and practice the latest and best mechanics.  Two clinics that are close to District 4 you should suggest to your umpires -

For those umpire who want to learn more about large diamond mechanics

Everyone who intends to Umpire in 2015 (levels Farm A – Juniors) should attend one of the offered clinics if they have not already attended one of the District Sponsored Clinics in 2015.

Rule Books and Umpire Books will be distributed at the completion of the training to all Umpires and Managers/Coaches. There is also a wealth of very useful information with links from Little League International on our website under the Umpire Central – Local Rules Tab. Please review this material if you have any specific questions about a particular rule or process. You will more than likely find your answer there.

Please contact our Chief Umpire with any questions:

Shawn Teixeira (


Umpire Central

CVLL Bylaws aka "Local Rules"

Little League Safety Regulations

Umpire resources:

Comprehensive Umpiring Website (Stockton Umpires):

Stump The Ump

An Umpire Clinic Manual from District 2
Umpire Clinic Manual

Adult Code of Conduct
Parent Code of Conduct Agreement

Local Rules (see "documents & forms" - RULES TAB)


Rules and Regulations Changes
Link to Official Little League Site

Video Rule Explanations from Little League International (THESE ARE VIDEO DOWNLOADS)

These videos may help you to understand certain game situations that typically occur. The files are in .wmv format. Mac users can use a free plug-in from Microsoft that allows these files to play in QuickTime. The plug-in is available at