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CVLL Board of Directors

2016 - 2017 CVLL Board of Directors

Executive Staff

Kevin Dern


Phone: 415-760-1198

Kevin Christiansen

Uniforms/Coaches Coordinator

Phone: 925-200-1725

Shari Alexander

Information Officer

Carin Musak


Phone: 925-705-2555

Kelly Cooper


Phone: 925-528-9178

Shawn Teixeira

Chief Umpire

Phone: 925-270-9083

Dave Lucas

Special Projects

Phone: 925-277-2629

Brian Curran

Director of Events

Phone: 925-286-2181

Rob Forester

Safety Officer

Phone: 510-512-0995

Carry Warner

Post Season Volunteer Coordinator

Phone: 925-813-1114

Kevin Parker

Website Technologies Director

Phone: 925-383-9430

Baseball Division VP's

Dave Shuey

Player Agent - Baseball

Phone: 510-390-0478

Joe Knapp

VP - Baseball

Phone: 925-586-9946

Jim Hawk

VP - 50/70 Baseball

Phone: 925-890-1131

Mike Summers

VP - Majors Baseball

Phone: 925-525-7285

Mike Lauricella

VP - Minor A Baseball

Phone: 925-890-1311

Rob Forester

VP - Minor B Baseball

Phone: 510-512-0995

Scott Seppala

VP - Farm A Baseball

Phone: 925-766-9325

Jon Newberry

VP - Farm B Baseball

Phone: 925-595-7700

Aaron Paez

VP - T-Ball/Peanuts Baseball

Phone: 925-705-0154

Post Season

Mike Lauricella

Director of TOC & All Stars

Phone: 925-890-1311

Softball Division VP's

Stephen Cherepy

Player Agent - Softball

Phone: 925-518-9003

Dave Scolini

VP of Softball

Phone: 925-487-5339

Challenger Division VP

Brian Remington

VP - Challengers Baseball

Phone: 650-999-1294


Tim Connors

Equipment Manager

Phone: 925-849-7993


Mike Covione


Phone: 925-360-5876


Joe Celentano

Director of Sponsorships

Phone: 925-642-2117